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Unit 7

The radio in Venezuela

70 years ago years, Ayre, the first radio station of Venezuela started expressing it’s sign in Caracas, with a scanty power of 100 watts, which was not allowing the receipt in the whole city. From this moment the radio has not stopped evolving, they are a lot of the protagonists, the voices and the predecessors of the multiple communication alternatives that this way of diffusion has offered. Radionovelas, news, singers, actors, palpitating voices and in end(purpose) a quantity of resources that were for a long time the most important reference to approach the world and to create collective illusions.

Caracas possesses(relies on) today 23 issuers AM, and 23 issuers FM, the quantitative jump is not for if only transcendent, the important thing is to think brings over of the communication draft that has been observed in this new radio leaned by the new technologies, in a society increasingly segmented. To celebrate seven decades of radio it is necessary to recognize the talent of figures as Cecilia Martínez, Arquimedes Rivero, Francisco Amado Pernía, Rafael Guinand, Tomás Henríquez, Foreigner Calavarie, between many more. The new generation of the radio is in another wave, the issuers AM have looked for new options before the reappearance of the stereo sound, variety exists in the dial, though the music is imposed.

jueves, 12 de abril de 2007


Unit 6 Conversation

Luis Rios: Hi, I’m your new neighbor, Luis Rios. I live next door.
Michelle: Hi, I’m Michelle Chacin
Luis Rios: So, you just moved in? Do you need anything?
Michelle: not right now. Thanks
Luis Rios: well, let me know t you do. Would you mind turning your stereo down? So the sound goes right through to my apartment.
Michelle: oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize that, I’ll make sure to keep the volume down, is there a good Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood?
Luis Rios: yeah… Try their Chinese Rice. It’s very, very delicious.

The Marriage!!!

Unit 8 Celebrations!!!

The marriage is a union between two persons with a social, cultural or juridical recognition, which has finally fundamental the foundation of a family group though also to provide a frame of mutual protection or of protection of the descent. It can be motivated by personal, economic, sentimental, protections interests of the family or like average to obtain some social advantages, which it is what has happened peculiarly under the bourgeois society.

The most habitual form of marriage is between a man and a woman, though the definition is necessary this relation changes of a few cultures to others. In different times and places have been recognized other varieties. Statistically, the societies who allow the polygamy as variety accepted of marriage are more frequent than those who only allow the monogamy. Nevertheless, the monogamy is the most common practice even in the first ones.

The marriage is considered an important concept because it helps to define the structure of the society, to create a bow of kinship between (generally not nearby persons in line of blood. One of his wildly recognized functions is the reproduction and socialization of the children, as well as that of regulating the link between the individuals and his descent that results in the kinship, social role and status. In the societies of western influence one is in the habit of distinguishing between religious marriage and civil marriage, being the first one a cultural institution derived from the rules of a religion, and the second one a juridical form that implies a recognition and a legal set of duties and culturally definite rights.

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